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SPL Online

We are a professional online outsourcing service based in South Africa. Our outsourcing service is located in a 400 square meter office with many teachers readily available 24 hours a day. Our service includes the management of our client’s online teachers. We cater to special needs if necessary.


Our online teaching facility based in Cape Town, South Africa operates 24 hours a day. Our facility has 250 computer booths that are fully functional for online teaching. We have numerous teachers ready to teach at any given time.

With the E-commerce market ever growing, the demand for online tutors has drastically increased and we have taken it upon ourselves to meet these high demands of students. As almost everyone has an internet connection, Students can learn from one on one tutoring on their computer or from their smartphones and tablets. Online tutoring is the newest form of modern education.

Our service includes the management of our client’s online teachers and we cater for special needs when requested. We manage the teaching aspect including specific content and delivery of the lesson.

We provide online services for English and specific subjects such as




Coding & Robotics


English Language & Literature



Business Management



Computer Science

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