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Our Training Program

Our Training Program

Our specially devised ‘elite’ training system has been developed and optimized for numerous years by our education experts. Our training program provides teachers with the best teaching skills and eliminates any training required when they arrive in China. This makes the recruiting process easier and faster for clients. Teachers arrive in China with enough understanding about the culture and demands of students and this allows them to settle quickly.

The training program brings out highly skilled teachers that stand out from others and are ready to provide high quality education. Teachers also have the opportunity to earn their TEFL certification through our training program. Training is either run for 2 weeks or 4 weeks depending on your experience. We also work closely with partner Institutions to develop specific training programs.

Both Programs Include the Following

Course and Lesson Development

Proper Communication Skills

Counselling Courses

Activity Based Learning and Teaching Practice

Health & Safety

Chinese Culture

Child & Adolescence Psychology

Special Needs Training

Basic Chinese Language


Lesson Planning

Teaching English Vocabulary

Teaching Phonetic Alphabet

Understanding English Grammar

Teaching Receptive Skills: Listening and Reading

Teaching Productive Skills: Speaking and Writing

Teaching English Grammar

Principles of Teaching English as a Foreign Language

Materials and Aids for Teaching English/Classroom Management Strategies

Using Resources Effectively when Teaching English as a Foreign Language

TEFL Certification (4 weeks)

Other Subjects

Understanding International Curricula & School Curricula

Lesson Planning for Each Subject

Teaching IB Specific course: IA/ EE

Creating Lecture Material/ Using Resources Effectively when Teaching

Materials and Aids for Teaching /Classroom Management Strategies

Effective Questioning Method

Student Evaluation and feedback Method

Simulation Teaching in Class

Our training is highly interactive in a small group with strict quotas per session.
TEFL certification is included in the 4-week training course.

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