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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why Choose SPL Recruitment

All processes, including introduction of institutions, visa and paperwork, and contracts, will be conducted in accordance with legal procedures and explained to you. Teachers can work comfortably in a proven educational institution without worrying about legal problems later on. In addition, we train teachers through our elite training system, which has been developed and optimized over numerous years. We provide talented education professionals to a number of prestigious institutions throughout China and Asia.

2. What is an ESL teacher?

ESL is a common abbreviation used in schools and it stands for 'English as a Second Language.' Schools will often use the term ESL when describing the programs that educate students who are not native English speakers and for describing the 'ESL students' themselves.ESL teacher? can be used to describe various situations as teachers in this field work in a wide range of environments and teach vastly different groups of students. However, the common purpose of every ESL teacher is to help people to improve their ability to speak and write in English.

3. Do I need to take Elite training program and TEFL course?

Elite training program and TEFL course provides teachers with the best teaching skills and eliminates any training required when they arrive in China. In addition, a TEFL certification gives you the opportunity to teach English Abroad. They increase your chances of earning a highly competitive salary at a good school. Also it makes the recruiting process easier and faster for clients.

4. How long does it take to complete the Elite training program and TEFL course?

Elite training program takes 2 weeks and TEFL course with Elite program takes 4 weeks. For TEFL course, we provide a 120hour and 160hours course.

5. Where will the Elite training program and the TEFL course take place?

It takes place at our training center in South Africa and our headquarters in Shanghai

6. Who are the Elite Training and TEFL instructors?

The Elite Training and TEFL course will be conducted by excellent instructors who are highly qualified, have numerous years of teaching experience and have been working in the education industry in Asia for more than 5 years. Our instructors have worked a minimum of 5 years in training institutions and schools throughout China.

7. Do I need to speak a second language for TEFL?

We often get asked if you need to speak a second language to TEFL. The answer is no.You are not required to speak a second language to get a TEFL certificate. English is the only requirement.

8. Where can I teach with a TEFL Certificate?

A TEFL course is your gateway to working anywhere in the world. With English becoming the “global language”, trained TEFL teachers are in high demand, in primary and secondary schools, colleges, universities, and private language schools in over 150 countries from Thailand to Tanzania. There is also a growing demand for online teachers so you may work from home or while traveling.

9. Will I get a certificate after the course?

Yes, depending on what location/course you choose, you will receive an internationally-recognized TEFL certificate and a certificate for our elite training course upon successful completion.

10. Will this certificate get me a PAID job?

YES – Our members have thousands of graduates who are working with these qualifications all over the world.

11. Is there an age limit?

Yes, you should be at least 20 years old and in good health. There is no upper age limit for the TEFL certificate however working regulations in China require you to be under 60 years old.

12. How can I apply?

Fill out application form on our website (Job Menu-How to apply). It will be reviewed and we will get in touch with you within 48hours.

13. How much does it cost for TEFL course?

The 2 week and 4 week program vary in cost. Please contact us for an updated schedule.

14. When do I need to apply to teach in China?

Most teaching posts start at the beginning of the Academic year. (August- September) It’s highly recommended you submit your application at least 2-3 months before your start date. We also have a number of posts throughout the year.

15. How long does it take to start teaching in China?

After final confirmation from your potential educational institution, visa and various document processing procedures take four weeks, and the completion of Elite Training and TEFL course takes four weeks.

16. What kind of services do you provide for a teacher?

We assist the following processes including job placement, visa processing, legal documentation, TEFL certification, Elite teaching training, airport pickup, accommodation and settling assistance with bank registration and Chinese services.
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