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Our Story

We are a teacher recruitment company that is headquartered in Shanghai, China. We provide educational institutions with a wide range of services including teacher recruitment and online class outsourcing, based on our educational expertise and know how acquired over the years. We have formed numerous partnerships with various educational institutions throughout the world. We have provided high-quality teachers while taking care of the necessary needs of teachers and preparing them for their new adventure in Asia.

Our parent company IB Education Group founded 5 years ago, led to us realizing there is a shortage of skilled teachers compared to the demands of countless education institutes. The IB Education Group has a vision to innovate the education sector by providing a premium education program and various outsourcing services.

We find people with passion for education around the world and support the entire process of establishing a stable job and living infrastructure for teachers. In addition, we train teachers through our elite training system, which has been developed and optimized over numerous years. We provide talented education professionals to a number of prestigious institutions throughout China and Asia.

You're important to us

You’re our priority. We’ll find the perfect job for you according to your requirements. Contact us today and we’ll assist you with your teaching job search.

Your teacher recruitment solution

We assist Institutions to find the perfect candidates. We conduct thorough checks for all candidates and provide the best service out there. Contact us to hire a teacher.

We place you in top schools

We work with top institutions in China, placing you in the perfect environment for your teaching career.

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